Rich Tancredi, Piano

I had just moved to Baldwin in 1979, and Dr. Zurcher heard me play piano and offered me a possible chance to play an original composition on a Jazz Ensemble Album that was being planned. There was a catch however. I could only get to be on the record if there was still time left on the vinyl when they were cutting it and I had to be flexible with the time and be able to end my piece with only a 15- second heads up from the control room. Well, that experience of being in the studio changed my entire life.

I went on to Five Towns College and from there started in the recording business.

Currently my name is on over 35 Million albums having ten Billboard top 10 hits and two #1s. I’ve made albums for Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Natalie Cole and more!

I came across the School Album and realized that I owe my entire career to the opportunity given to me back in 1979.

Thank you so much for that gift you gave me. Just Google "Rich Tancredi" for more information.