Ellie Sacks, Oboe

Hi Dr. Z,

It has been more than a quarter of a century! Very glad to hear from you!

In answer to your question, I live in Israel with my wife and three kids, and I work primarily as a writer for non-profit organizations, but I do other freelance writing work as well. Music-wise, I did play a little bit of oboe in college but, more significantly, at the same time I became interested in acapella and, though not much of a singer, I started arranging songs for SATB. There is an acapella group at Yale called Magevet that still sings a number of my arrangements. That's also when I wrote my first few choral pieces.

When I arrived in Israel, I started writing songs more in earnest, including songs for my wedding and the births of each of my children. Recently I wrote a musical (songs and lyrics) based on Arsenic and Old Lace. It's a jazzy and bluesy score. We put it on in Jerusalem last summer in a small theater (10 performances) to very favorable reviews. We even found a backer interested in putting it on before a test audience in the states, but the adaptation rights are currently held by someone else so we will have to wait a few years before that becomes a possibility.

Here is a YouTube clip from one of the rehearsals of Arsenic, the Musical!
(If you're interested in hearing more, I can send some larger demo clips)