Heidi Neumann, French Horn

I was a 4th and then a 5th grade teacher at P.S. 108 in South Ozone Park, Queens for 11 years. This year, I started a new job, teaching 5th grade in Meriden, Connecticut. I stopped playing the French Horn shortly after I started college. Unfortunately, I didn't know how to balance finally having a social life with extra-curricular activities, such as band. Fortunately, my sister, being the one with the natural talent, continues to play, and I enjoy French Horn music and orchestration through her. In NYC, the children did not have an organized music program, but one of the good things about where I am now, the children do have music lessons, and I enjoy letting them take out their instruments after school and share with me what they have learned (no French Horn players... yet)!

I was very excited to see your name and to hear that you are doing well. Seeing your picture took me back a long time. You were one of the teachers who made a difference in my life and I always think of you fondly. You seemed to understand that I needed a little extra encouragement and a lot of improvement on my self-esteem. I will forever be grateful.