William Mosher, Trumpet

Here’s a voice from the past! I was in the Middletown High School band playing trumpet from 1961 - 1965. I'm not sure how I found you on Classmates, but your name popped up, and I followed the trail to your home page. I was in the band when we did some Broadway shows such as “Bye Bye Birdie” and “West Side Story.” Other players of my era were Butch Warnke (trumpet), Phil Ferber (drums), Gary Kerbel (trumpet), Gary King (bass) and the list goes on and on!

After graduating from Middletown High, I went to Orange County Community College for two semesters. With the draft right on my tail, I took an audition at West Point and passed, enabling me to be assured of a spot in an army band somewhere! Okay Sarge, where do I sign? It sounded a whole lot better than the infantry. I enlisted in the US Army for a three-year stint in October 1966. After basic training, I spent six months at the US Army School of Music in Little Creek VA (just outside of Norfolk ). At that time, with everyone being drafted, the faculty of the school was a "who's who" of instrumental musicians and teachers. Everyone had a private instructor. Mine was from the Boston Symphony.

After six months of schooling (theory, playing in marching, concert, dance bands about six hours a day), I was assigned to the 283rd. Army Band at Fort Benning Georgia, eventually becoming the trumpet section leader. Three events occurred while at Fort Benning :

1. The band got to play for President Johnson, who visited the post.

2. I played with theBuddy Baer Big Band. They needed a horn player, so they called the 283 rd, and I sat in. Made $100! Wow, big money back then!!

3. The movie "The Green Berets" wasmade at Fort Benning . David Jannsen lived down the street from me for about six months. The band got to be in the movie, doing a "pass in review" with "The Duke" John Wayne in all his glory, but alas, when the final cuts were made we "passed in review" right onto the cutting room floor!!

After getting out of Uncle Sam's Jamboree I came back to Middletown and back to OCCC under the tutelage of Dr. Marvin Femen. But after three semesters, parenting duties came along and I had to get a real paying job so I took the civil service test for firefighter, joining the Middletown Fire Department, serving 20 years, retiring in 1992.

From 1970 – 1989, I played in various local bands including The Lou George Trio, the Hank Mason Big Band, a group called the Echoes that evolved into the Chance Band and the Middletown Concert Band

I retired from playing professionally in 1989 because of health reasons. I must admit, I don't miss getting home at 3:00 AM Sunday mornings! I've started playing again, as my Grandson Alex took up the trumpet about four years ago, and we have practice sessions together on Sunday afternoons. I still work, doing computer billing at the local school bus company. I don't think anyone who lives in NY State can actually "retire." Ha ha.

I have two pictures of you leading the MHS band.They might jog some pleasant memories. Your goatee was a little darker back then!!!