Marie (Mayer) Shepherd, Clarinet and Saxophone

I played clarinet/sax alongside John Fullam, constantly staying on my toes in the band. I have been in contact with John and a couple of years ago attended his performance with Murray Kahn in West Islip.   I so much loved being in the band and the stage band as it was called back then.  Mr. Zurcher, you meant so much to me in my life.  I would love to be in contact again.  I still play the clarinet where I live in Bay Shore.  I am an active member of the Bay Shore Brightwaters Community Band.  We are a summer community band under the direction of Ted Negrelli.  I enjoy playing so much. 

I just read the article in the Nexus.  I only wish I had known about the reunion concert as I would love to have performed once again in Baldwin.  I have always dreamed of a reunion band and would be very interested if Baldwin has another concert in the future.

My memories of Baldwin and the music department are still very vivid.  I truly believe that you and the teachers in the music department are what made my days in Baldwin so special.  Yes, I always hung out in the band room. 

I would love to be in touch.  I hope you remember me, as I will always remember you.

Thank you for the memories and for making music a very important part of my life.