Alan Marcellus, Trombone/Guitar

From '74 to '92, I played in various rock/ MOR /jazz bands and played solo in the local lounge/legion circuit. After a 10-year break (for a demanding day job), I'm now retired and playing music again, this time mainly for fun, which to me usually means jazz. I currently play trombone and piano in a Dixieland band and piano in a swing band. I'd like to form another band with drums/bass/2 guitars, to play jazz. Ideally, the main influence for this group would be George Barnes (No, I can't play that well), but I also draw from guys like Chet Atkins, Charlie Byrd, Doc Cheatham, Jobim and Mac Rebenac (Dr. John). But if I can't find anyone interested in that idea, I'm also interested in just about any other kind of a project, jazz or not, as long as the music is fun and not turned up to 11.