Noam Z. Lusterman, Viola, Guitar and Bass

After high school, I attended several colleges (four in eight years), finally graduating from SUNY Old Westbury with a BS in elementary education. I earned my Masters at Queens College . I have been teaching (not music) in Oceanside for 20 years. I have continued to perform music over the years, and I’m currently playing in an acoustic band. I remember wanting to play drums in our Jazz/Rock class, but a bass player was needed. Dr. Zurcher knew that I also played the guitar and asked me to play the bass. I was quite peeved at the time, but came to realize that he had faith in me, and I needed to have faith in myself. This came in handy because, years later, one of my bandmates and I ended up switching off between bass and guitar! Another great memory was playing in the commons (periods 4, 5, and 6) with my brother’s band Apogee.