Dave Lebolt, Piano

Dave Lebolt

Toured and/or recorded as a keyboardist with David Bowie, Billy Joel, Laurie Anderson, Julian Lennon, Foreigner, Roberta Flack, Power Station, and more. As NYC-based writer/arranger/producer, won Clio and Emmy awards. Left full time music production in the early 90’s to work at Digidesign in San Francisco, CA (makers of Pro Tools). Ran the company as General Manager for 6 years, acquiring M-Audio and Sibelius music software; now Avid Technology CTO. Still producing independent projects and playing on people’s albums (mostly in the Bay Area and Seattle). I owe much of my inspiration in getting into professional music and believing that I could achieve what I believed in to Dr. Z. and my experiences in BHJHS jazz ensemble. Thanks to you, Dr. Z. for believing in me, and in all of us!

NOTE: Dave recently resigned as Chief Technology Officer and Senior VP at Avid Technology, Inc. to take a position with Apple Computers.

From a 3-27-2009 e-mail from Dave: Here is a photo that shows that I've, uh, gotten older and have slightly less hair! ;-) The photo is from a jazz gig I played a few months back in Japan . (I'm not totally "retired" at all.)

Dave Lebolt

To hear David in this recording, click http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZXsCMV3DtU
To hear David as a 1971 8th-grader at Baldwin Harbor JHS, click My Favorite Things

Today, Dave is now primarily focused on film and TV composition, commercial scoring and album projects.  See his web site at http://www.davelebolt.com/Main_DL/about.html

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