Mike Kimmel, Trumpet

After high school, I attended the University of Virginia where I majored in Mathematics and in Psychology. I currently tutor a spectrum of students in Mathematics. After my students, music has had the most profound effect on my life. I continue to play trumpet and most recently performed Brick House with Spoiled Rotten in a funk tribute to my late Uncle and great musician, Charles Costanza. In JHS, Doc introduced me to the blues and rock, as well as jazz and improvisation. I studied trumpet under Lou DiLeo during elementary and junior high school and remember Lou’s limitless patience in helping me prepare for jazz concerts. I remember performing in the Harbor JHS Jazz Ensemble and being rigid and expressively narrow. Although the blues were new to me, I later learned to appreciate the music as well as understand the importance of blues-based improvisation. Doc’s improv classes led the way for rewarding creative expressions as well as ventures into other forms of music. I am fortunate to have had such great music teachers. My current musical interests include blues, rock, reggae, funk and hip-hop. In the future, I would love to perform in a reggae/ funk band or record a hip-hop album.