Martha Goldman, Flute

It was wonderful to read about the reunion of the jazz ensemble in a recent issue of Nexus, the newsletter of the Baldwin Education Association.  I hope you are well.  I have many fond memories of the HJHS band and perhaps you remember me.   My Harbor JHS years were 1963 – 66, and I was first chair flute for nearly all three years.   I have been a fan of stage band music since then.  At about age eight, my parents would not let me learn how to play the saxophone because they did not consider it appropriate for a girl, so the flute became my instrument.  A love of swing music continued through high school with the excellent band director Richard Knab. I studied privately during high school with Mr. Knab until he relocated to Indiana University to obtain his MA degree and then studied with Sidney Saltzman.  In college at SUNY Cortland, where I majored in history, I played in the symphonic band directed by Dr. Vincent Picerno and studied for a few years with Professor Amzie Parcell.  At Cortland, a rocking dance band called the Cortland Chordsmen was created by music education student Charles Drake, and I admired the one female sax player.  After college, I moved back to Baldwin and tried the Baldwin Symphony Orchestra.  It was a disappointment when I learned that its intent was to be the pit orchestra for the high school theatrical performances, so I decided it was not for me.  I also realized that I could not work in Manhattan, attend graduate school part-time and maintain my level of musical expertise so I quit playing "cold turkey".  I still have all the sheet music and my flute.

My education includes a Master of Library Science degree from CUNY Queens College and a Master of Business Administration degree from Pace University.  Professionally, I have been a law firm librarian with leading New York City law firms for more than 30 years.  Since 1987, I have been the Library Services Manager in the New York City office of Jones Day, a large international law firm.  I am active in local and national law library associations and have spoken at programs and conferences, particularly about law library space planning and design. I reside in Forest Hills, NY.  One of the goals for my eventual retirement is to learn how to play the tenor sax and see where it leads.
I have maintained throughout the years that participation in a band or orchestra provides children with the same dedication, teamwork, goals and skill requirements, learning opportunities and sense of accomplishment as sports. Thank you for sharing and instilling these values in your students.