Michael Gellman, Drums

I still play the drums but not as much as I would like. In the 90s I was playing a lot of hand percussion, mostly Djembe but also Conga and others. (Really hard on your hands!) I performed in the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta where I worked with Micky Hart of the Grateful Dead, Gloria Estefan and many African musicians and dancers.

I own a chiropractic practice in Atlanta and don't have time for bands at this point but in the late 90s I was in a very arty "Post-rock" group that was all original, very progressive rock music. I am still very excited about music but miss the days of vinyl and analog. I play mostly drum kit now with different local Atlanta musicians in many different genres.

I got to see Miles Davis perform in Spain in 1987 just a couple of years before he died, and I used to see a lot of downtown NYC experimental music when I was living in NYC (John Zorn, Fred Frith, Bill Frissel, Bill Laswell and Material, Wayne Horvitz and many others. I see a lot of interesting music in Atlanta but the jazz and experimental music scene cannot compare with NYC.

I married a Vietnamese girl, (she is an amazing cook) and since we have no kids, we travel a lot. We were in Egypt last September and besides all the cheesy belly dancers that we saw, while we were on a Nile Cruise our boat was docked in Aswan for the night and there was an outdoor theater right on the banks of the Nile and there was a Nubian music and dance performance. I was able to watch the whole concert from the top of the boat. It was wonderful. I really liked the Nubian music (much more than the mainstream Egyptian pop music) and watching that performance on the Nile River from the top of our boat was magical.

Whenever we travel I always try to study the indigenous music and hopefully play with some local musicians. When I was in Rio, Brazil I hooked up with some local Bossanova musicians and we performed all the Jobim classics as well as a lot of the Tropicalissimo music like Caetano Velosa and Gilberto Gil. That was really fun.