Fred Deppert, Trumpet/Baritone Horn/Trombone/Tuba/Stage Crew Manager

I started trumpet with Dr. Zurcher in the 5th Grade at Harbor Elementary School in Baldwin. When I moved up to Baldwin Harbor JHS, Dr. Z had me learn the Baritone Horn for Concert Band, Trombone for the Jazz/Rock ensemble, Tuba for the Orchestra and Sousaphone for the Marching Band. I also worked with Dr. Z on the Stage Crew for our three years together in Junior High school. (Note from Dr. Z: As my Stage Crew Manager, Fred was my right- AND left-hand. Fred was always willing, able and available to do everything including, but not limited to, setting up chairs and stands, hanging stage lights, constructing, painting and positioning sets and scenery, supervising the stage crew, setting up microphones and cables, etc., etc. Fred—thank you again for making everything run smoothly and professionally back stage. You deserved, but never sought, the limelight!)

After graduating, I concentrated on my career as a Commercial HVAC Technician, continuing on in my father’s footsteps and joining him in our Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Business. After 30 years of being in business, I decided to take it a little easier and went to work as lead Sr. HVAC Service Technician for one of the world’s largest HVAC Manufacturers. I am married to my love Christina and have two sons, Andrew and Jonathan. I am also an avid boater, Vessel Safety Examiner and Port Captain with The United States Power Squadrons.

Lt/C Fred Deppert, AP
Administrative Officer
Vessel Safety Examiner
Port Captain
Sewanhaka Sail and Power Squadron
A Unit of the U.S. Power Squadrons