Konstantin Ivanov, Conductor

From 1946 - 1965 it was the conductor Konstantin Ivanov who, for the first time, embarked upon the honourable mission of exporting the Soviet orchestra on international tours and took charge of it during these tours. Working together with the orchestra, Ivanov continued with the task of popularising Russian symphonic music initiated by Alexander Gauk, creating the popular concert cycles "Historical Concerts of Russian Music", Russian Symphonic Music" and "Tchaikovsky".

Immediately after the war the State Symphony Orchestra of Russia, with its principal conductor K. Ivanov, took up the challenge of visiting all the Soviet republics including the towns and cities of the Volga region, the Urals, Siberia and the Far East.

The State Symphony Orchestra of Russia became the first Soviet symphony orchestra to be heard in the west. In 1956, the orchestra travelled abroad for the first time when it was invited to the People's Republic of Poland to take part in the International Festival of Modern Music in Warsaw. In November of the same year, it also travelled to Romania where it gave six concerts in Bucharest, Cluj and Iasi. Two years later, the orchestra performed in an international exposition in Brussels, attended by Queen Elizabeth of Belgium. 1958 also saw a tour of China and, in 1960, the Orchestra went on a two-month tour of USA, which culminated in a concert in New York's Madison Square Garden with an audience of 16,000.
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